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Our Committees

Without the active participation of individuals who volunteer time, energy, and talent, the Forward Worthington objectives would not be accomplished. Personal commitment from our members brings the Forward Worthington effort to life.

Please consider joining other Forward Worthington members by volunteering your time and talent to meet the challenges ahead.

Forward Worthington Committees


The Agribusiness Committee provides ways of improving agriculture so that new markets are developed, new ideas are given forum, and new crops and products encouraged. They help to assure that the agricultural sectors of the economy, namely the families that earn their livelihood from the production of food and fiber and allied industries, receive recognition for their efforts. These ideas will develop better understanding between rural and city interests.


The Forward Worthington Ambassadors represent the Forward Worthington as the official host and provides contact with the membership.

Business Education

The Business Education Committee facilitates ongoing communications between the business and education sectors in order to determine how best to utilize each other’s unique resources for the betterment of the overall community.

Community Image

The Community Image Committee develops and implements beautification and clean-up projects to enhance Worthington and the area.


The Events Committee provides social activities for the membership such as the Annual Extravaganza and Salute to Women Banquet.

Governmental Affairs

The Governmental Affairs Committee assists and promotes business participation in government and legislative affairs as well as promotes the interest of the Worthington business community in the political process.


The Membership Committee involves as many firms and individuals as possible from the business and professional community in the Forward Worthington. They work to assure the Forward Worthington a healthy financial base from which to function, and to promote a better understanding of the role of the Forward Worthington in the community.


The Retail Committee implements programs necessary to market Worthington as Southwest Minnesota’s regional shopping/service center and to form a nucleus of commonality between businesses located in the City Center, Oxford Street, Beltline, and Ryan’s Road as a whole retail community.

Young Professionals

The Worthington Area YPN is open to all young professionals seeking to enrich their lives through activities focused on personal, career & community growth.

Forward Worthington Committees

Marketing / Hotel

The Marketing/Hotel Committee works to increase the number of visitors to our community & area and to develop means to increase hotel business.

Sports & Recreation

The Sports and Recreation Committee aggressively promotes youth sports and recreation activities for Worthington through the enhancement of both the quantity and quality of the events, so as to foster a positive experience which will result in increasing future participation and a positive economic impact on the community.


The Winterfest committee plans Worthington’s only winter festival.

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