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President’s Message

Forward Worthington are organizations through which its members can accomplish, collectively, what they could not do individually. The strength of the two organizations lies in its membership, which creates a base of resource from which to draw ideas, energy, finances and promotes civic, economic development, agribusiness, tourism and educational needs to make the Worthington area a better place to live, work and do business.

Each year’s programs depend on the area’s needs as determined through membership input and the Board’s planning conference. These programs range from community promotions in helping bring more customers into your business, to events which enhance the quality of life in our area.

Forward Worthington is made up of dedicated volunteers and staff who contribute their knowledge, expertise and time so we can continue to provide the quality programs that the Forward Worthington has become known for. Forward Worthington’s success is only obtained through a total team effort on behalf of the Board, the staff and the many dedicated volunteers who are involved in helping to implement the programs.

Chairperson of the Board,

Julie Foote

Board Chairperson Julie Foote
Board Chairperson Julie Foote

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